Maybe I'll Dream Up Something Tonight..

We tend to talk too much because it’s rare that we’re listened to.

—Tami Egonu, A Rhapsody of Dreams (via feellng)

I knew I was in big trouble

when my heart

would fall into

an irregular pattern


you left the room.

Beau Taplin || Trouble.  (via afadthatlastsforever)

To be wronged is nothing, unless you continue to remember it.

—Confucius (via quotes-shape-us)

Over time, loneliness gets inside you and doesn’t go away.

—Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Angel’s Game (via feellng)

1.) Smile at everyone you
pass on the street. Some
will jolt backward, in
some tiny moment,
searching for the stretch
in their cheeks to give
you something back,
some will keep walking.

Remember that most do
not expect kindness from
those they do not know.

You know this.

Most will never expect
kindness from those they
have known their whole lives.

You will be a rarity,
a radiant promise that
strangers are more
than the bodies we
shuffle past on our way
to work.

2.) Indulge in the small
things you will inevitably
be criticized for loving.

All this happiness will
feel wrong to you at
first, only because it is
different, only because
you are not accustomed
to its open hands and
soft skin.

3.) Dance, never mind if
you do it well. Wear only
your softest t-shirt, lip
sync to your favorite song
with as much heart as
you can possibly tear out
of yourself. Always
remember to put the
pieces back.

4.) Break yourself open
every once in a while.
Let all of you go, see
what loves you
enough to come home.

5.) Do not worry about
her hands unhinging
themselves from yours.
When she comes back,
tell her all the things
they tell you to save for
last moments or
closing credits.

Tell her you love her
before it becomes
something she will
not believe.

There are chances
to be taken, you will
be given so many.
Open your palms, ask

6.) There will be days
when he cannot bring
himself to find you
within him. Sleep alone
these nights, give
yourself the love you
will always deserve.

7.) All we know is how to
be in the best way we can,
and we can.

Be to the best
of your abilities.

on living a happier life, Emma Bleker (via stolenwine)